IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are still operating but unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the most recent lockdown we have had to close our stores. However, we will still be operating on a skeleton staff offering limited home visits, enabling you to sell and buy back your items, ensuring you have much-needed cash during this difficult time.


Not sure how much a piece of Art is worth?

We will make you an honest offer with the help of our experienced art dealers.

Disclaimer: Any forged or counterfeit pieces will not be accepted, and will be presented to a trading standards agency for approval. We do not support fraud. WeBuy4Cash will not be responsible for decisions made by trading standards regarding your goods.

Not sure if your art is an authentic Chagall or Hockney? Follow the following steps to find out now:

1. Call on 0203 774 3285, or show us the piece in person;
2. Our art experts will analyse it and place a value;
3. If the offer is accepted, cash is provided to you immediately.

What is our experience to date?

We are passionate about dealing with only the finest names in the Art World, from Picasso, MF Hussein, Calder, Giocametti, Warhol, Hackney, Freud, Landsear, Hogarth, Blake, Herring, Munnings, Stubbs, Gainsborough, Constable, Turner, Moore, Bacon, Emin, Hirst, Dali, Miro, Manet, Monet, Chagall and Banksy, we are priviledged to say we have had some of the best work pass through our hands. We are also accepting of second tier artists, including David Shepherd and Russell Flint.