IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are still operating but unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the most recent lockdown we have had to close our stores. However, we will still be operating on a skeleton staff offering limited home visits, enabling you to sell and buy back your items, ensuring you have much-needed cash during this difficult time.


Gemstones at WeBuy4Cash

The exoticness of gemstones, inherent in their pure brilliance in colour, cut and shape, makes them a most prized possession of jewellers and dealers across the world. We have been globetrotting to learn how to identify some of the world’s most precious stones, including how to value them. We are proud of our excellent knowledge in this area and hope to help you with your gems today.

Sapphire, rubies, emerald and diamonds are but a few of the stones we have handled. We can place an honest valuation on yours today, which could see you going home with a lot of INSTANT CASH today.